We are very proud of the level of services provided to our clients and the wide range of courses elaborated by our experts. The experience obtained after conducting hundreds of trainings and workshops has allowed us to create various teaching programs, that are tailored to client’s requirements and take into account necessary issues. Our trainings allow beginners to start work in the most effective way, and to improve efficiency of users at advanced level.

Experienced leaders will show you how to automate your work and thereby speed up the design process. The trainings are conducted throughout Poland. Currently, regular training courses are taking place in Warsaw and Cracow. There is also possibility to organize individual training directly in client’s company.

During the training, the participants will additionally receive certificates and educational materials, which will help them consolidate acquired skills.

1 day x 8h
The training will allow new users who want to start work in ALLPLAN and PLANBAR to obtain knowledge necessary for a quick start.

2 days x 8h
Intermediate training helps users who want to consolidate and increase knowledge about ALLPLAN and PLANBAR.

Depends on the scope
Our specialists help to solve complex issues or realize together part of the project during training.

Excellent customer experience and the results are crucial for BIMplatform

We are always interested in opinions from our clients, we are grateful for the received comments.

Customer feedbacks on trainings provided by BIMplatform specialists: